Boutique Bed and Breakfasts on the French Riviera

A collection of charming quality Bed and Breakfasts on the French Riviera

When the Oceanographic museum in Monaco need to repair any of the mosaics, they call Koba. She has her atelier in Chateauneuf Villevieille where she also organises courses, showing that a mosaic can be as expressive as a painting.
There are several restaurants in the area offering cooking classes, and one we like a lot is Restaurant Parcours in Falicon, where the chef Frederic Galland is an inspiring, generous and knowledgeable teacher.

In the medieval village of Biot, tourists have been proposed to be part of the artistic and creative life of the village .

Around 20 artists are willing to open the door of their workshops and teach you part of their skill so you can go back to your country enriched by a very special experience

The courses are for all kind of ages,individuals or groups and last for different periods

List of the various proposals :

  • Glass blowing, learning the famous bubble technic of Biot
  • Create a piece of jewellry,a candle,a ceramic object
  • Finding out secrets of photography
  • Cooking class of mediterranean cuisine
  • Illustration
You will leave Biot with the nice feeling of personal accomplishment
Passionate about bees and production of honey, winner of numerous prices in his field, Mr Lautard transport his 800 hives around the region to be able to propose a wide variety of honeys: Acacia, chestnut, oak, lavender, pine, strawberry tree – you name it – all can be bought in his work shop.
Learn all about perfumes

10 o'clock scenting workshop : Theoretical and practical courses will enable each attendee to create his/her own perfume under a Perfumer's mastery.

>A scenting cession of 50 fragrances will be prepared on pivoting turntables. Each attendee will take his/her 50 ml Eau de Parfum with him/her. And if he wishes to, he can even order it any time, as Molinard keeps and stores each single formula secret.

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