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The banks of the river Loup

The park of the Rives de Loup has 32 hectares and is situated in the heart of the Côte d’azur, stretching across the towns of Villeneuve-Loubet and the Colle/Loup.

The river Loup has its source in the pre Alpes behind Grasse. It winds its way from these high mountain plateau through stunning gorges to meet the Mediterranean Sea.

The park is situated in the low area of the river and is composed of two distinct sections.

On the downstream section, the valley widens and recent deposits of alluvium help the development of a mixed forest. To the west can be found a rocky area of dark colour.

The upstream section, the cliffs of Luona, offer a landscape of stone beaches, steep gorges and chalky plateau.

If you visit the park from Villeneuve-Loubet, you will see magisterial plane trees and the ritornellos of duck circling mallards. You will find broad leaved trees such as ferns, Laune, the charm hop, laurel and lorme. Under the foliage your glance will be drawn to the red fruit of the holly and of the tamier. Carex and other fougeres add to the wet humid ambience of the area. The presence of an ancient canal can be noticed from time to time. From the viewpoint of the gorges, you can see the mountains, box tree and numerous sorts of sedums.

Watch out for the tracks of the badger, wild boar, the stone marten, foxes, and small rodents such as dormouse. You will listen to the bewitching song of the finches and robins and with some luck you might see some kingfisher or heron. Your bed and breakfast can help you get information with regard to this tour amongst others as the Alpes Maritimes is home to numerous natural riches.

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