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Tourrettes sur Loup

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, 14 kms away from the beaches, the village perched in a rocky outcrop unrestrictedly looks out onto the French Riviera. Thanks to violet cultivation that appeared at the end of the 19th century and is still practised nowadays, the city is worth to be called “Violets City”.

The medieval village

Tourrettes sur Loup is an unusual fortified town with its outer houses forming the rampart and possesses an original architectural richness linked around a half-moon central route. A visit of this medieval city makes you discover a large heritage : castle, city walls, gates, wash house...

The artists’ village

Appreciated by film producers from 1925, Tourrettes became a meeting place for musicians, painters, writers and poets, and saw a creation revival in the fifties. Artisan weavers settled there and, in their impetus, attracted other disciplines of quality. Today, more than thirty workshops and galleries make it a place of high standing for arts and crafts on the French Riviera.

The museum

The Bastide des Violettes which was inaugurated in the spring 2010, is both a memorial and a living space where Tourrettes specifically highlights and presents its culture, particularly with new techniques adapted to the preservation of the environment. The season closes with the Violet Festival, which normally takes place on the 1st or 2nd Sunday in March, depending on state of the blossoms.

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