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Fort de la Revere

Fort de la Revere – breath-taking hike from Eze Village

There is a lot of hiking possibilities in the region, along in general very well marked trails. There is a very nice walk to take from Eze village situated on the Moyenne Corniche that will take you up all the way up above the Grand Corniche, offering spectacular views of the coast and St Jean Cap Ferrat.

Mediterranee from Eze

You park at Eze Village and there are a couple of reasons this walk is best to do off season: much easier to find parking – Eze gets seriously busy during high season and parking can get difficult. Secondly, the walk up is a bit on the steep side to be made in the midst of the summer heat. So the hike is also double-breath-taking – the views and the mount, but fine for anyone able to run after a bus.

You walk from Eze village towards Monaco and after some 100m or so you see a space with parking opening up to the left. Walk in there, follow the signs for Fort de la Revere and head up taking a U-turn again to the left and you are on your way. The path is winding its way up, and eventually you will cross the Grand Cornish and then a bit further up you find the Fort and a large plateau. There are several places to sit for a nice pick-nick and marvel over the views. On the way down you can take a slightly different rout that has more paved surface making the decent a bit easier. Count some 2h5 – 3h depending on how often you stop to enjoy the scenery

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