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Socca, a must on the market of Nice !

The Socca is a Mediterranean speciality, very popular in the region of Nice.
It is a super size pancake or crèpe made of chickpeas, olive oil, and water and cooked on a round copper plate in a wood oven. It is very popular on the market place of Nice, the Cours Saleya, particularly from Chez Thérésa (since 1920) and Chez Pippo.
It’s reasonable, about 3 euros, and must be eaten very hot straight out of the oven. It is popular with a glass of rosé wine as an aperitif in the old town of Nice.

The Socca was originally the dish of the poor because it was so cheap and much appreciated by workers, fishermen and dockers. It’s origines are uncertain, but was probably introduced to Nice from Italy.

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